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I just wanted to say how much I love my daddy. He is the best daddy ever. He takes such good care of me. He stays awake till I'm asleep to make sure I actually stay asleep, actually go to sleep and don't stay up and play or a throw a fit. Night before last he was almost asleep and I keep pushing buttons, calling him names, and yelling at him. So I got my cute little butt busted and soap stuck in my mouth. So last night when bed time came and I couldn't sleep and started to get fussy. I did something BIG it took me a little while but I was able to do it. I looked up and stuttered out "d-d-daddy c-c-can I-I-I umm please have a spanking?" He said "yes you can baby" so he gave me a small paddling and right after I fell right to sleep. I am so lucky to have such an amazing daddy and boyfriend who cares so much about me. Lately as most of you know my depression has been acting up really bad lately and he sticks with me no mater what. He, cares so much about me and knows more about me than any one knows. I care about him so much and I love him so much, I cant describe it in words. All I know is I have never felt this way about any one before. I love his son too I know I haven't been with him for very long, but I kind of like to think.... well I guess I have to look after him too. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Even though I have to get punishments every once in a while. Like getting soap in my mouth or being forced to stand in the corner or getting my bottom busted till is bright red and bruised. I know he only does it because he cares. Because he loves me. Because he wants best for me. He wants me to a proper young lady. I know this is going to sound weird to some of you, but his motto is "if you act like a child I will treat you like one." So some of my punishments are diapers and he is even going to be buying me a sippy cup and pacifier and he is going to make me cradle. Now this may sound weird but I am kind of excited for all of this. I'm excited to take naps in my cradle while daddy works in his office. I'm excited to have to ride in my stroller while we go shopping. I'm excited to have my daddy take care of me and keep me safe in his big sexy strong arms. I love you baby and I would do anything for you! My love for you grows stronger every day!!

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I guess it started about the age of ten, I use to have a babysitter who lived in what appeared to be a haunted house. The house wasn’t really hunted but it sat on a hill and it was definitely creepy, kind of like the house Norman lived in from the bates motel. The lady who babysat us was obese and smelled like dead cod. The floors squeaked when she got up to go in the kitchen, which was often, by the looks of her.

My sisters and I called her nanna, don’t ask me why, I was too young to remember why. She had a gay son name Billy who came out his room once in a while to draw. In his room he had several posters of the rock band kiss, and I didn’t know much about the gay lifestyle back then, but being the adult woman I am today, I’m pretty sure he was gay. Doesn’t really have much relevance to this story, but this is what I was surrounded by.

I guess it was hard to find sitters back in the day, because I feel my parents were kind of bogus, leaving us there because this lady reeked! Anyway there was another little girl that had to suffer from the smell at that house too, and her name was Amy. She was bi-racial like myself, except she was black and white. She was light skinned with nappy ass hair lol. Most of the time we played house, and I was always the mother, and when she disobeyed I would always spank her over my knee with a wooden hairbrush. She allowed me too and I really handed it to her! I’m surprised her mom never saw her red bottom!

I didn’t really know why I liked spanking but I just did, and who knew that this lifestyle would follow me the rest of my life! It laid dormant in my soul till I reached the tender age of 18. I was in a relationship, and I always had a fascination for a sexy round bottom, boy or girl didn’t really matter. Being homeless at age 13 and growing up in the streets, I was a bit aggressive by the time I reached 18 years old, and not afraid to explore my kinks, and looking at sexy bottoms was one of them.

Anyway I was in a relationship with a guy that had a very sexy bottom, and one day I was giving him a back massage while he laid on my lap. While rubbing his back, my hands began to wonder lower and lower to the curve of his backside…. his arse…. man he had a shapely round brown bottom! That evening I helped him discover more about his self he probably didnt know. I couldn’t believe how much this shit turned me on! Just rubbing my hands on his ass lol, anyway I began rubbing his bottom and squeezing it, then just out the blue the desire hit me again, and I smacked his ass real hard! He squirmed a lil bit then I smacked it again and again and again!

We never really talked much about it after that day, but whenever he did something I didn’t approve of I would spank his ass. That was the agreement. I didn’t really know there was name for this lifestyle I was living at age 18, but it never left. As I got older I began to seek out and explore the internet to find more people like me, and any material that had to do with spanking. I found a lot of free reading material and just reading about it really excited me.

I didn’t understand fully yet, but one day it would all be really clear. So there my journey started! I spanked a few more guys later on in life but still didn’t know I was a top or disciplinarian, titles and stuff didn’t come until much later in my life. At age 19 I was a stripper and this white girl name ivory who danced with me told me she liked for her boyfriends to spank her. I’m thinking why is she telling me this, it really was weird to me because she didn’t know anything about me, but I asked her if she had ever been spanked by a woman, and she said no.

I then invited her across my knee, and she humbly laid across my lap and I spanked her for about ten minutes! We became closer friends and every time we worked together I spanked her. After further research into my longtime kink I found the term switch. It was then I found some form of identity for myself. SWITCH!

So I browsed spanking sites and lurked around talked to some people, and mingled around a few different spanking sites, and got a lot of messages from men that wanted to spank me. I was like very entertained by this, because I never had really been on the other end before except 1 time when I was 15 and didn’t really understand why my bf spanked me for staying out so late, I thought he was crazy. As an adult woman I had not been spanked by a man until I reached the tender age of 40. It was a totally different feeling, to relinquish all control to someone else, but having been on my own since age 13, I had to control my life, and to have someone else take control actually felt good. It made me feel submissive and cared for. I may have had some daddy issues because my dad was not around after I reached the age of three, because my mom left him because he was an abusive asshole. Then my stepdad molested me from age 10-13 then I left home and was homeless for 2 years.

I had to learn how to survive at a very young age, and someone else being in control was a big change for me. The top in me never really left just sat on the backburner for a while till I came on st, and spanked two more females, la-la and dd4life. I was in a dd relationship, but was still a disciplinarian, and I got to explore that more when I came to st who knew I would start traveling to other cities to spank other people, I guess it was destined to happen. Lately I have been spankee, because that’s just where I’m at in my life right now.

Honestly as an adult woman, I truly love being a sub. Sure when I first started it was challenging because I had a hard time with authority, but I came around, and if I fight authority it’s not because I’m a switch it’s because the spankers approach is wrong, or I don’t agree with the reason for me being punished, and if it’s wrong it isn’t going on…point blank period! If I don’t feel loved or at the least cared for, I’m not going to consent to the punishment. Anyway right now I don’t have a disciplinarian or Daddy anymore and I have had a lot of offers but it’s really hard to start a new, I have serious trust issues.

I am at work right now and just wanted to share my thoughts with my spanko friends. If you are reading this and judging me screw you! Im too old to give a fuck what anyone thinks about me, most people assume anyway asses! I am a spanko, I am a switch, a sub, a top, a lil girl, a brat, a good woman, I am me! And I’m not going to change that for anyone, but I do plan on sharing my lifestyle with someone who loves it just as much as I do! And understands it’s not about double standards and convenience or for attention! It’s about domestic discipline and this is the lifestyle I will live 4 ever! Most of the people in my life down to my own children know I’m a spanko, it’s really not a secret, nor am I ashamed of it.

It is what it is, and will always be!!!!! Fake vanillas may judge me, but do I care? Hell to the naw naw naw!

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I was so proud of myself for being good for the whole trip, that I obviously let myself forgot about everything once we were home, big mistake, I forgot to hold my tongue and really spouted off several times and all about stupid things why I have no idea, but I am going to be much more careful now, I of course got punished, but now that he has that stupid evil bath brush it was much worse than usual,I was relieved when he just put me over his knee and used his hand which is bad enough, but then he caught me off guard when the bath brush came down, and he definitely knows how to use that thing. It actually hurt to sit for 3 days.I really need to connect my mouth to my brain if I want to sit comfortably in the future.
Or maybe I can burn the bath brush (insert evil laugh here).

Caned Angel
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My wife told me about her friend dawn from work and her boyfriend mike she explained that they were into kinky sex that dawn made mike wear girls cloths and she was his mistress that she spanked him as well as other things Joyce and I had finished a bottle and a half of wine so when she suggested we try it I agreed I couldn't believe that I got turned on as I put on Joyce's Lacey pink pantys bra pantyhose blouse and skirt she admitted she was turned on too she took off every thing but her pantys then got her big hair brush she put me over her knee and lifted my skirt and brought the brush down hard on my ass I am still embarrissed that I liked it she gave me 10 wacks with the brush then pulled my pantys down she put some lube on her vibrator and slowly slid it in my bottom then took her belt and I screamed as she gave me 20 lashes with it It became a regular thing then her friend dawn invited us to there house at the lake for a weekend Joyce bought me a few outfits,panties,and nighties Mike was as embarrissed as I was when we both had to dress as girls for them we were both spanked by both of them and they made us suck eachothers cocks but the worst was when they made us fuck eachother When that weekend was over Joyce threw out all my old undies and filled my dresser with girls pantys that's all I wear now 24/7 I'd love to chat with another guy like me let me know if your interested

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It's so hard to really find the right person when you have the need to live this lifestyle of spanking or harder core impact play. Just when you think you've met someone of substance the rug is pulled from beneath your feet. I find myself grieving today for the love I lost 2 years ago due to diabetes. He fulfilled so much in my life, my heart, my soul. He was my best friend, and frankly I'm just plain lonely. It would be nice just to go on a date with a little spanking fun after we got to know each other a little better. Alas, it escapes my grasp. I'm smart, talented, compassionate, loving, and fight for the underdog every chance I get. I stand up for what I believe in regardless if I'm standing alone. But, it seems most of these guys don't care about your insides, your character, your struggles, your joys, your sorrows, or your goals. They do care about your panties and how to get them off though. Sad, I'm just feeling so sad, and more down than I have in quite some time. Can't seem to shake it. I'm usually such a positive person, but lately I feel like a piece of prime rib on display at the supper market that no one wants because I may cost them too much. They may actually have to feel something other than their primal urges.

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Hey everyone! I have just up loaded my video. I have tried to do it so many times. Hopefully ST will let it through this time. If not please ask them to do so. I cant wait to me my new Micheals. I am ready to spank some more ass.

Caned Angel
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I'm looking to correspond with a strong woman who likes to give hard spankings. Please drop me a note if the idea of a new naughty pen-pal interests you.

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I'm available in Glasgow most days apart from Sundays by appointment only. You can find out more about me on my site.

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I had to have twenty strokes of the crop across my bottom earlier. Luckily, I was allowed to keep my panties on. But the crop really does hurt. Twenty strokes across my bottom and those little panties were absolutely no protection. Aw!

Caned Angel
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Sissy schoolgirl Shelly bought a new bed with a lovely brass headboard, so naturally I tied her to it and caned her bottom good and hard.
She was severely marked and the sight of her red striped bottom gave me such a hard cock that the only thing I could do was to fuck her for a very long time.
What a good girl she is.

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HEY SPANKO'S JUST CHECKING IN TO SAY HELLO. it SEEMS LIKE MY DD LIFE HAS BEEN NON-EXISTENT LATELY! look's LIKE IM GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF ME, WELL IVE BEEN HERE B4 SO ITS ALL GOOD. Sorry about the caps lol. im at work right now doing my usual 12 hours and just thinking about life, and where im headed. , I know I need to be concerned more with my happiness and inner peace, so I've been doing me, and I think im getting better at it. I have had some weak moments, but I always bounce back! school is going swell still holding a 3.80 gpa and ready to get out and do some traveling!

A couple of days ago I needed a spanking session really bad, but couldn't get one as usual. ugh this has got to be my worst spanking year ever! I mine as well start spanking people again, since I cant get any discipline in my dd life being here in Florida! other than that life is ok I guess its really what you make it, cant wait for anyone else to do that for you, if other people in your life want to see you happy, they contribute to that, or move around, I would think? anyway thinking about purchasing some new implements, nothing wood! maybe a leather paddle?

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IM BACK, JUST LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR DISCIPLINE! Please no games i take this seriously. Pants down! Ass up! "YOU WILL OBEY!" again no Women please! I spank too hard for that! I will be posting another video soon!

Caned Angel
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I got a ticket last night for driving and using my cell phone in Chicago! I think I'm going to be in trouble! I'm sure I will be getting a punishment spanking for this!

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I'm a mature male spanker with lots of experience spanking naughty bottoms in Australia and overseas. I am always available to meet new ladies with 'the urge'.
I promise total discretion in a one-on-one spanking relationship, either on a regular basis or just a one-off. Check out my vids and pics here for an idea what I deliver.
Don't be shy, write today!
Father Jon
Byron Bay, NSW.

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Just wanted to let you all know that I had a terrible accident today, but I am doing better now. I decided today to go horseback riding which I haven't done in years. Well, I go on the horse and started out slow, and then we went a little faster and then we were going as fast as the horse could do. All of a sudden I fell off and caught my foot in the stirrup and the horse was dragging me around in a circle. It wouldn't stop, just going around and around in a circle. If it weren't for a quick thinking man (I owe my life to) I would probably not have made it. Thank goodness the store manager at Wal-Mart came out and unplugged the machine.

Caned Angel
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Sat May 21st. 2016

I received 100 strokes of the cane the week before last, and then last Saturday I did not leave the bathroom in a satisfactory condition and was subsequently caned again that evening (25 strokes). This weekend Mistress has me dressed in my schoolgirl's uniform because I have a lot of math homework. Saturday eve after my homework was done I received 50 strokes of the cane in my school uniform.

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What are some of everyone's biggest turn offs of spanking videos , one of mine would be lack of realism when they just lay getting spanked with no reaction like they are to drugged out of their mind , but overall everyone that does make a video does a really great job

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I’m so sorry dear bottom
For what I put you through.
But something has to pay
For all the naughty things I do.

I know I should behave,
I know I should feel ashamed.
I know you don’t want to feel the paddle.
I know you don’t want to be caned.

I know you fear when I bend to grab my ankles.
And you shutter when I bend over the chair.
You clinch when I'm up on my tiptoes
To push you, dear bottom, up in the air.

I apologize to you dear bottom,
I’m so sorry you must feel the pain.
But it’s you, dear bottom, that must be punished
With the paddle, the strap and the cane.

©2016 CLG0413

Caned Angel
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I'm looking for a LT relationship with spanking as a major component. Buy me a couple drinks, we meet, and let's see if we have any chemistry. I have been by myself since my partner of 16 yrs. passed away from diabetic complications. It's been that long since I've been with anyone. I'm finally ready to start dating again. My profile says a lot about what I'm looking for, and I have written a couple stories on my blog. The Error Of My Ways is not finished yet, but The Naughty School Girl and Her Teacher is complete, as well as Masturbation.

I would not bring a man I just met to my house for safety reasons, but would consider your house or a motel. I of course would let a discreet neighbor where I am and whom I'm with. She won't know details but will know if I do not get in touch there is a problem. I don't understand why it's so difficult to meet people in the flesh so to speak.

Please P.M. me if you live near me, and are a spanker/Dom/Dom Daddy

T. (Crazyeuphoria) My username comes from the scientific fact that there are huge surges of dopamine a feel good neurotransmitter are dumped into the brain during impact play (spanking etc) and sexual activity. The dopamine causes euphoria like in runners high or when you take a pain pill. At times it causes CRAZY levels of EUPHORIA; hence, my username.

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I made it home in time to receive the delivery of my gown the day of the ball. I took the huge box upstairs to my dressing room, and removed it from the box. My breath caught in my throat as I took in the absolute beautiful creation she had made for me at Maxim’s request. There were tiny pearls sewn into the lace and silk over the entire gown. Emeralds sparkled around the deep plunging bodice of the gown. I removed more packages from the box, and found two jewelry boxes. I held my breath as I opened them. One held a gorgeous 3 carat gold emerald dinner ring, one held a matching bracelet, and the last held matching earrings. How could I accept all this? I would have to return them to him after the ball for sure. There were also elbow length gloves, a beautiful shawl which matched my gown perfectly. Madam had kept this a secret surprise for me. Even the purse was jeweled and more beautiful than I had ever seen. I pulled out a lacy slip, tiny panties, real silk hose, a corset, and garters. I felt slightly embarrassed wondering if Maxim would know what I wore under the gorgeous gown he had made for me. Knowing him as I did now, I’m sure he’d know exactly what I had on underneath. He was not the type of man to leave anything to chance if it was important to him.
I bathed in a rose milk bath, washed my hair with a floral scented shampoo and conditioner which had cost me a fortune, but was guaranteed to accentuate the brighter colors in my hair, add volume, and extra shine. I got out of the tub wrapped my hair in a towel, and put my terry cloth robe on to help my skin dry. I applied my favorite scented lotion, and was just finishing up when I heard a loud commotion at my front door downstairs. I ran down the stairs to see what was wrong. I opened the door to a woman carrying about 10 bags with make-up, and hair supplies. She brought an entourage with her into my foyer. I’m so sorry we are late…Maxim will have our heads if he finds out…you won’t tell him will you…come on you all we have work to do, and she’s fresh out of the bath so our timing is perfect. Where would be the best place tp set up madam Candy? All this time she hadn’t given me time to get a word in edgewise with all her nervous prattle. Well, outside my dressing room there’s a make-up burrow with plenty of places to plug things in. Ahhhh, that’s perfect Madam Candy. Just Candy will do thank you. What shall I call you? You may call me your fairy Godmother (laughing) just kidding call me Sarina Candy that will be fine because we will become great friends, you’ll see. I have a feeling Maxim will be calling on me for services quite frequently. You’re a beautiful woman, unpretentious, well grounded, beautiful piercing eyes you have too. I can see why Maxim has such strong feelings for you Candy. He does? Oh YES he does, he definitely does dear. Now, let’s get back upstairs and get you ready. They did my make-up, hair, a manicure, a pedicure, and a beautiful up-do with my hair. The final touch was a comb decorated in tiny emeralds stuck into the side of my French twist. I had loose curls cascading down my back, and at the sides of my face. They finally let me see the complete finished product of all they had done, and I was shocked at how beautiful I looked. Come now Candy the car will be here soon to collect you, so let us help you into your underclothes and gown. All men take everything out to our cars, and do not come back in. Once I got all the underthings on I felt super sexy, not just pretty, or beautiful but a combination of all. I just hope Maxim felt the same. They helped me step into my gown carefully lifting it up and over my shoulders with a final zip. I was ready, I just needed to put on my gloves, jewelry, and grab my purse. I had time for one last look in the mirror, and the limo. Maxim had sent for me arrived. I opened my front door and to my surprise Maxim stepped out from the back holding the door. His face was as unmovable as marble. I could see the passion in his eyes, but I was not sure if he liked what he saw. I reached his side, he gently picked up my gloved hand and kissed it. His Russian accent was thicker than I’d ever heard it before, and his breathing was quick. You Candus Brown are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen (smiling now) be still my heart, but I think I’m falling in love. Thank you Maxim, may I say you look dashingly handsome in your tuxedo too. He had on a formal shirt, formal low cut waistcoat in the "V" shape, black bow tie, formal shoes, and he had an emerald green cummerbund encrusted with small emeralds, which matched mine perfectly. What a fine specimen od a man he was. Are you ready Candy? We have a stop to make on the way so we better stop staring at each other and get moving. We have a stop to make where? Club D Candy, it’s time for Thomas to be punished, and it’s long past due that I introduce you to some of my friends. Is that ok with you Candy? Sure Maxim, but as I said I don’t want to be witness to the punishment Thomas will receive from Dome Vixen. I understand, and I promised you that nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen to you or others. You will find that what I say will happen does, and what I say will not happen does not. You can trust me Candy. I do trust you Maxim, I was just reminding you. Don’t worry kitten, what you tell me will never be forgotten. You’re extremely important to me Candy, are you aware of this fact? When I received all these gifts you sent I thought you’d taken leave of your senses, but Madam Sarina explained a few things to me to help me understand you on an emotional level better. You have never gone this far for another woman she said. That is true my sweet. Oh, Maxim what are you leading me into? Bliss, euphoria, pain, love, sexual feeling that you have never experienced in this way, and I will be there supporting you and teaching you every step of the way. Tonight the stop at the club is just to….introduce you so to speak. Introduce me to people? That too, but more so to introduce you to objects, sounds, smells (like leather), clothing worn, behaviors of Dom’s and their subs, and different pieces of equipment. Are you still game? Yes Maxim, I trust you, and give you my consent to take me into a new world I know very little of. He took my gloved hand and kissed it again, then he planted the softest kisses I’d ever felt all the way down my neck, and around my bodice, paying special attention to my cleavage area. I felt myself getting wet again, he was so close to me, his spell intoxicating me, and my head was spinning. He could have taken me right there, and it would have been ok with me. I was learning to trust this man on a deeper level. I believed he’d never do anything to me without my consent, and I was hoping to be able to give it to him completely; but first I had to see and experience the club, so I’d know for sure.
We finally arrived at Club D 30 minutes after he had picked me up. It was a huge

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