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When looking for lifestyle parents if they were to have health issues would that be a issue? Also when looking for these said parents what qualities do you think they should have??

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tired physically, mentally, emotionally................ all my thoughts lately r dark.... cant even force that plastered on smile anymore... ya know its bad when ya not only think about doin urself in.......but u spend a great deal of time planning it from beginning to much for a better 2018.......

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Day dreaming looking out of the window, waiting for her man to come home. Wonder what they would do?

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Where oh where are the texas spankos

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Are any of my friends out there in the Seattle/Tacoma area? I will be in town for the next two weeks!!

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When I see myself I see a really ugly over weight woman ya I put on a good Front be someone IAM not it's easier that way. People see the fake me only a few know the real me and u know who u are. U should feel special because I let u in my Life. And let u see the real me. Sir is one of them people he knows all I deal with and still sticks around... Ty SIR . Still waiting on my punshment from months ago... Will see if I ever get it .... Smiling I think he is scared.. giggles .. IAM kidding relax..

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Still on sick leave.

I'm getting fed up with this virus now, it's taken another hit today, cough even worse and my body muscles are aching with it all.
Poor Master is worse too but he's had to go back to work, some weeks holiday he's had. He has 4 weeks to get better before his next week off, then hopefully the decorating will be started. Unless we decide one weekend to do it.
I've had to ask my dad to do some food shopping for me but told him he's not to come in, incase he picks it up again and my in-laws are going to get the prescription, cough sweets and stomach meds for Master. They've just delivered a dish of Scouse for me, they know I love it, so when they make it at home they make extra for me.
( Scouse is potato, carrots, onions and lamb or beef. Bit like a basic stew but tastes different. Really yum with pickled red cabbage but I can't eat that
anymore. )
I hate asking for help but I have to get rid of this bloody thing, it's really draining. And with us both not well, neither of us has the energy to play or for a fun spanking.
Yesterday I felt a bit brighter for an hour or two, and started to be cheeky and doing mild naughty stuff, flicking water, bumping into him on purpose, flicking a tea towel on his butt, even smacking his butt when I went past. It was quite fun but I never got what I wanted, that spanking I desire. Master did pay me back by flicking lot's more water at me and bumping into me. I only stopped when he started to slap my face. Little slaps across my cheeks getting harder until I stopped my bratty behaviour.
I know I'm Master’s slave, and act accordingly but I can't help enjoying a bit of brattiness when I can get away with it.
In the meantime, I’m doing the laundry and starting a new sketch.

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Well I officially found someone to help me !!!

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Any tops (preferably men but open to women) in Manchester UK up for a chat?

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want hard spanking& anal punishment in melbourne hehe
self spanking is not effective at all!

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I apologize for the delay in stories, I did write one but the lecture in it is really long and it's on a sensitive subject that may offend/ piss off some people. I'm currently writing sentences for my brother and struggling with my real life responsibilities. Yankee I will write your story as soon as I can. Thanks for the patience! Y'all are epic!

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I feel like I’ve never found a good mommy/daughter paddling video that feels really maternal, authentic, and like a real punishment. None of that over-acted crap, or videos where the paddling is a light spanking. I’m talking about as close to realistic as you can get when you imagine a mom paddling her daughter. Bare butt, large paddle (with holes) preferred, but not necessary. Anyone have any recommendations?

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Mark asked, told me to follow him to our yard where we keep the coaches, so he could drop off the car he was driving and I could then bring him home again, a 45 minute drive from our house.
We left home and I got through the gates before him, so he was now following me.
As we drove off the slip road onto the M23...I turned the volume button up to burst your eardrum level...and put my foot down. 60..70..80..90..92...I just totally forgot that Mark was behind me! (As I'd driven this journey loads of times)..Suddenly my phone starts ringing! I see his name in the screen and my stomach does a Mexican wave.
Me: I'm sorry I forgot you were behind me.
Mark: oh really? So this is driving normally for you is it?..slow down and get behind me..wait till I get hold of you, little girl... how selfish are you? What if you have an accident?
Me: it's not as if I'm swerving all over the place?
Mark: what? You think you can't be killed in a straight line? Just do as you are told.
Phone goes dead.
We arrive at the yard and I pull in behind him and park. I watch as he slams his door and storms back towards me. He opened my car door pulled me out and dragged me to a wooden table with benches attached , that's outside a local sandwich bar. He then bent me over it, pulled my coat up and pulled my track bottoms along with my knickers down, then proceeded to spank my arse, it was freezing and it really stung.
Through my alfresco spanking, all I could think about was the million and one CCTV Cameras dotted about the industrial estate!
It'll be my second time the security guards would have seen my bum!

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Hey lets play a game.. Starting with letter A lets name things about spanking and or implements! I will go first letter A being Ass... The main target lol :) lets have some fun!

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Im looking for a woman to have some spanking fun on Skype is there any womam who would like to have some fun

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Have you ever felt secure?There are also days where I feel very insecure and need to be reminded that everything is going to be ok and I am still loved and remembered! But the days of those insecurities are the hardest to go through! Blah!

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Finally it was the day of the party, I had at least had a reasonable sleep, so felt human for once. I had a hair appointment in the morning, so before then, I jumped in the shower, shaved all my bits, quickly grabbed a dress to put on then left. I am the world's worst person for being unable to do anything with my hair, wash it and brush it, thats all I can do. Can’t use a hair dryer, rollers, or straighteners. Luckily my hairdresser, Sarah, know me well, and though I had some ideas of what I liked, well no, I didn’t want a big poofy hairstyle, I like plaits, I think they look sexy and sophisticated but is my hair long enough……….
But when I arrived at the hairdressers, Sarah already had an idea on what would look nice. I suggested a plait but she said as it was an 80th do, it wouldn’t look right. She told me she wanted to flick my hair out at the bottom, I was worried it would look poofy and would it stay flicked out, 7 hours later, but she assured me it would be perfect. And I loved it, I’d never be able to replicate it, it was like a ‘40’s style Master said. He didn’t really like it, said a plait would’ve been nicer but I liked it, it was different.
I spent the rest of the day just chilling, without my hair touching anything. Unfortunately, after a few hours the flicks began to drop, but it still looked okay.
Master was doing jobs on his car but he said he would help me get ready, when it was time. I said if we start about 6.30pm I wouldn’t have long to wait before my lift arrived. I did my make-up first then when it was time we headed upstairs. Master lay on the bed watching me.
I’ve said before, I’m not a party animal, never have been, not really into do’s mainy coz I feel self conscious in my body, ( do I look okay, does my outfit make me look fatter……...that sorta thing ) but I was looking forward to this one. But wearing nice clothes, meant wearing good supportive underwear too, so my mother-in-law told me, who helped pick my outfit. So I grabbed the underwire bra, hate these bloody things, ripped the tag off and put it on. Scooping up my side boobs too I asked Master to adjust the straps. The bloody underwire was digging in already, but apparently a lady has to suffer in order to look nice, according to the mother-in-law. Mmmmm can’t a lady be comfy and look nice?
Next the sloggi shorts, I hate wearing panties, after the last few years of being without, I now feel free going naked. But these shorts were supportive, though they weren’t tight, I did see a difference once my dress went on. Master liked them, said they were like schoolgirl shorts, Hmmmmm pigtails, schoolgirl panties, I could bend you over and fuck your ass just thinking about it, he said. Down boy, no time for fuckery talk, I thought, giggling.
I got the dress off the hanger and Master took charge of slipping it on, God did that feel sexy, the dress just flowed down, the material felt silky, then as Master got to his knees to pull the underlayer down I felt my pussy ooze and my clit throbbed.
I seem to have such a passionate feeling when I see Master drop to his knees, it’s one of the sexiest things I’ve seen, this must be how he feels when I do it.
Anyway, once he was satisfied it looked good, I got my sandals. No, not sexy high heels, unfortunately, this girl prefers ballet slippers/pumps, and these days I now need support, shoes that are fastened properly, I can’t slide out off. Lifting my leg, like Cinderella, I slipped my foot in, whilst Master found the hole for the buckle, as they were new, the holes were tiny, but eventually he fastened them both and they felt comfy’ish.
Next came the jewellry, Master took my gorgeous Pandora charm bracelet off, I can’t do it with these nails on, then my Pandora mini-gem locket we chose for my indiscreet collar. Only Master can take it off and on, I think this is very important.
I got my new earrings, but Master doesn’t like doing this so I called E to come and help. He came and sat on the bed, moaning about why I need more help, I told him to help with my earrings but Master said he would do it. E went to leave but I said No, I may still need you.
Earrings in, Master put my new bracelet on, adjusting it a few times until it felt comfy.
My final item was a black choker, I loved this when I found it in the catalogue, a bit pricey but there was just something I loved about it. I put it up against my neck to see what we thought, E didn’t like it but Master did. The good thing about this one was it had a black velvet ribbon, so it would fit any size of neck. Making sure it was central, I turned around so Master could tie it. Something Master struggles with, he can fasten his shoes but when it comes to making a bow out of ribbon in any clothing, or just any bow needed, he has to think about. I could feel his concentration as he made it look nice, dropping the end of the ribbons under my dress. Standing back to ensure everything looked perfect he asked Done ? Last thing is perfume, you choose, I told him. Choosing one, he sprayed the perfume all around me then said, Perfect.
Standing back, I awaited approval from my boys. Master said I looked gorgeous, I turned to E. I am training him to understand a woman's mind, so if they ask do I look nice, he must say yes whether he likes it or not, otherwise he would never get peace.
He said, yeah looks okay, then went back to talking to the dogs.
I will accept that compliment.
But I was all done. This half hour felt so wonderful, having Master care for me, I felt like his princess. Yes I could probably have done most of it myself, but it felt so nice having him make sure everything looked nice, even down to putting the label inside my shorts, making sure the bra straps weren’t twisted. His slave looked beautiful.
Whilst waiting for my lift I asked Master if he liked my dress, he hadn’t seen it before. He said Not really, it doesn’t show your figure off. I said Exactly, it hides all the bumps and lumps, It flows over them. He said, Yes but you’ve got a small waist, a sexy ass, great tits, you should wear something tighter, that shows your figure. But it would show my big tummy, I explained. So what, this is your body and you should embrace it and show your best assets, he told me.
I like the idea of it, but I’m not sure I’ve the confidence to wear anything tight fitting. Master would have me wearing a basque with a skirt, I’ve worn one at home, but out, in public, thats a scary thought. One day maybe.

The party was amazing, J, the birthday girl looked stunning, she was a dancer, travelled the world doing shows, her confidence and charisma is so inspiring, she still teaches tap now. Many of the guests were “her ladies”, she calls them, people who she taught to dance from the age of 2, who have gone on to make a career out of dance. J danced the night away, and I mean real dances from her classes, so others joined in. All these ladies were 50+, their energy made me so envious, but I had a great time, even got up to dance when Shania Twain came on.
I felt good, I felt comfy in my dress which gave me confidence to not shy away like I would do normally. I had a ball.

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