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Views: 13 · Added: 3 hours ago

Today I began my journey to a healthier me. I got all my blood work done and I got my sprain ankle wrapped up. I am learning my body day by day and bit by bit. I am giving God total control of what happens in my life. I am praying that during these 9 months God will open my heart and my eyes to see what he has plan for me. I am going to relax and eat my dinner now.

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Views: 55 · Added: 12 hours ago

It's been a while since I've had a pressing question. (Sometimes I feel my silence is better than my words, lol) So here goes.....

I'm in a LDR with my loving Daddy(no worries...I don't have real daddy issues and I'm not knocking you if you do) but I continue to struggle. On one hand I love his approval and encouraging words, I love when he calls me his good girl or his sweet princess, I get all super tingly inside.

On the other hand we are both spankos and love all things about domestic discipline. In order for me to be held accountable the way I want and sometimes need, I have to "mess up". I kinda love when I know I'm in trouble, I like when his angry voice comes out...I even like when I get sent to my room to wait to be punished. As much as I love his praise I equally love his correction (minus the pain and his love of wood.) I feel like this is a catch 22.

So, am I alone? Does anyone understand my confusion? What do I do?

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Views: 46 · Added: 13 hours ago

So im just wondering what other people think about punishment books or logs.. How effective others think they are .. im sure most of you before a punishment you talk about what it is you have done .. (or if your the" boss" you speak to spouse or submissive about their misdeeds) but if you have a written log of every misdeed or a certain set amount of time do you think that would help ..

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Views: 24 · Added: 16 hours ago

Less than 10 people per year are killed by a shark, but 100 million sharks are killed each year by humans.

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Views: 45 · Added: 16 hours ago

Well its that time of year again this Sunday September 7th is my birthday, which got me thinking how mean spankers out there give birthday spanking on there own birthday? I am not interested in getting spanked on my birthday but if there is a lovely lady out there who would put there bottom in the line of fire so to speak that would make for one happy birthday. Just a thought. any other spankers like to spank on there birthday? that is all for now have a good week MR_M

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Views: 55 · Added: 21 hours ago

When I look back on my life, I see Pain, mistakes and heartache. When I look in the mirror, I see strength, learned lessons, and pride in myself SO...when you learn how much your worth, you will stop giving people discounts! just thought I would share some inspiration this morning with my friends!

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Views: 70 · Added: 21 hours ago

i found an old picture of me completely naked, it was back when i weighed max 125-130 lbs. i was great looking. i miss that. i would be so much more attractive if i could lose at least 90 pounds. hopefully the weight will drop quickly with the new diet i am planning. then i'll be prettier and more attractive to guys especially in the bdsm community

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Views: 45 · Added: 1 days ago

Well Folks we have moved to a new home and location in the mid west. It is out in the country and very calm and serene with out a lot of disturbances. We will still be bringing you all the great content you have enjoyed from us and still be updating our clips4sale page actually more frequently than before. So check us out and think positive for us at True Home Discipline.
Also all of us from True Home Discipline would like to wish every one a very happy and safe labor day holiday weekend and thank every one for being with us.
Have a great holiday
Be Well, Spank Hard, See ya

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Views: 93 · Added: 1 days ago

Hello there people!
Sorry I have been MIA for so long, I have been working full time saving up for college, and now I have started at UAB. So a lot of things have changed since my last post. I am 21 now;), I have had my first spanking(it was amazing), i love otk, and love pretty much every implement that i have tried, my pain tolerance seems to be very high. i cant wait to try more and more types of spanking and implements.
XOXO lilmama

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Views: 86 · Added: 1 days ago

I decided on this one tonight "Start with your hand 35 sound swats to warm up. Next up the brush 30 swats alt cheeks. Then break out the belt give yourself as many hard swat as you can take. Till you think that's your limit take a pic and show us your red butt.", but I added a paddle and wooden spatula, as well as doubled the number of swats.

I for sure needed/wanted all of it. lol
Hope y'all enjoy.... I did ;-)

Please keep the suggestions coming....

Masters PlayGround

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I am an elementary school teacher. In the first week of school, I always have my children create a bio poem in order for me to get to know them better and for them to get to know a little about each other. As I was typing them up for them, I was thinking that it would be fun if we could all do one. Maybe get to know each other a little better...and I'm sure inject a little humor into the assignment.

The format is this:
First Name:
Who is _____, ______, and ______;
Son/daughter of _______________;
Mother/father of _____________;
Lover of _____. _____. and ______;
Who gives _____, _____, and ______;
Who fears _____,_____, and _____;
Who would like to see ____, ____, and _____;
Who lives in _________;
Last Name

Now obviously you won't want to use name, but can make appropriate substitutions. I will post mine in a few as soon as I finish it. I'm kinda stuck!!! LOL

Have fun with it!

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Views: 69 · Added: 1 days ago

Im completely in need of a spanking. There are several different types of spankings. I need the clean me out, kick my ass, discipline spanking all rolled up in one. I'm flying high over here. I am being bad, slacking off and running amuck. When I get like this. I've learned myself, and a spanking is the only thing that will fix me. Not one of those tiny ass fake roll play ones either. I need a guy to come tear me up. After two swats I'll change my song though. I'll start singing the "ok ok ok "song :)
Does anyone else get like this, where your can feel it in your blood, and you know a Spanking will fix you

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Views: 40 · Added: 1 days ago

Zvu vás na prohlídku mého nového tumblr:

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Views: 54 · Added: 1 days ago

What do you do when you've had a row w/spanker? He's cancelled all play, says he's DISAPPOINTED but still a friend. I'm confused. I'm angry and resenting his withdrawal. I'm being punished for something that never happened. You don't get a ticket before you run a red light!!

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I went for a long walk with Justin,our dog,yesterday. When I got home my niece was up and ready to go into the village.She spends more time in the village these days with her boyfriend than she does at home;I know she is unwinding after her examinations and she still has three weeks before University starts,so I am encouraging her to destress and relax. Her hairstyle is still bothering me and we did have further words on Saturday night,but she is a good kid and has achieved so much,so I am inclined to agree with Jenny and give her a break.

Jenny was still in bed after a long shift at work on Saturday night so I sat and watched some TV and flicked through the Sunday papers.After awhile Jenny came downstairs and sat on the sofa with me. I can always tell when she has had a tough night at work;she goes quiet and just wants to cuddle. She rested her head on my lap and told me what she had to deal with on Saturday night.What she related to me made me feel very uneasy and afraid for her. It was so disturbing listening to what she had to do that I felt like telling her that I didn't want to hear anymore,but she does confide in me and as always goes for a long run to wind down. After we talked she got up and went upstairs again.

I was just about to open another newspaper when I heard a car come up my driveway;I looked out of the window and saw it was my sister and her husband,these are my niece's parents.My sister has been in poor health for awhile,so I was delighted to see her out and about.I rushed to the front door and welcomed them inside. I knew I had to tell them about THE HAIRSTYLE,but I thought a cup of tea might be in order first. They sat on the sofa and luckily had their backs to the living room door and hallway as Jenny came back downstairs in her underwear.My eyes met Jenny's;alarm,Jenny ran back up the stairs,gone "like a fart in the wind" as the saying goes.

Just when I was about to tell them about their daughters new hairstyle,my niece/their daughter came in with her boyfriend in tow.Her parents looked at her;my sister/her mother almost fainted and her father/my brother-in-law stood up and began to yell at her.My niece yelled back.I tried to calm the situation,but then I was accused by my sister of "putting my niece up to this!". I tried to speak but my niece and her Dad were really going at now.My niece's boyfriend told her Dad to calm down,risking boxed ears.I tried to speak again,but my sister told me that I was always the wild one in the family: now this is true so there was no sense in denying it,but I am outraged at my niece's hairstyle too,I rather she had not got it done.Now ,Jenny obviously heard the commotion,but decided to wait and see if punches were thrown before she came down;I found myself standing between my brother-in-law and my niece's boyfriend,two big guys.My niece and her mother/my sister then went at it.Jenny appeared at the bottom of the stairs, dressed thankfully,and told my sister and brother-in-law that it was she who had paid for my niece's new hairstyle. There was silence.Awkward glances then began to be exchanged.You see Jenny is seen as the paragon of virtue where my family are concerned. Nothing further was said,and I went into the kitchen to make tea.

When I came back in Jenny was chatting away to my sister and brother-in-law.My niece and her boyfriend were sitting opposite and looking very insulted. I sat down with my tea and took a deep breath.Thank goodness Jenny was at home,even though she caused the whole incident in the first place.Peace reigned.After about an hour my sister and brother-in-law left,however they do not approve my niece's hairstyle and her boyfriend,who is one of the hardest working young lads I have ever met.We sat down for Sunday lunch.

Now Jenny has been searching the house for her favourite MUSE cd all day...wonder where that could have got to,ssshhh!

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Views: 42 · Added: 1 days ago

Hero Syndrome is the condition where a person will intentionally create a dangerous situation just so they can “be a hero” and resolve it.

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Views: 39 · Added: 1 days ago

I received two suggestions for my motivational self-spanking....
So, I am doing one tonight, and the other one midweek for maintenance...

Start with your hand 35 sound swats to warm up. Next up the brush 30 swats alt cheeks. Then break out the belt give yourself as many hard swat as you can take. Till you think that's your limit take a pic and show us your red butt.

Start with the one you think will hurt the least, but still hurt. Give yourself 20 hard to warm up. Then take the one you fear the most, and spank yourself continuous don't think you can take it anymore. Pause for three minutes, and remind yourself why you are getting this spanking. Then go back to your most feared implement, yourself with it, hard, 30 times, taking a deep breath in between each time. Then and show us the result. That's an order.

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Views: 59 · Added: 1 days ago

Hey guys and girls,

young man from Germany likes to talk about spanking with you.
Please text me, you`ll get something from me if you do so :)


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Views: 138 · Added: 2 days ago

for whatever reason I have come back here n reread my blog "Rage Rage Rage" n the comments... I want to say this about that blog n about all the comments.. first, I wasn't "trollin" or bragging even.. I wrote that blog because as I said I was experiencing road rage.. its not something ive felt before other than a minor "grrrr' when someone pulls in front of me or cuts me off.. I was postin my thoughts n actions here not to brag but because I really wasn't sure how to handle what I was feelin... do I have a temper? yep I do.. but by all means its not out of control, not like what I was feelin durin those incidents..n if im bein honest, I guess Annas comment to me "bit" me a lil bit n put me on the defensive but as I reread my blog n reread all the comments.. yep I guess I was/am a fuckin idiot cause I know what COULD have happened with me drivin the way I was... with that said.. the incident is behind me now n I ty for all ur bad comments.. cause I do know ur right n I was wrong...laterz

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Views: 96 · Added: 2 days ago

Not ignoring anyone.
Taken a sailing vacation for a few weeks to Denmark and Norway perhaps even further North.
Keep those bottom's warm,and warmed while I am gone.
Will try to catch up with you all,on my return.

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