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Let's be honest.... EVERYONE has pubic hair! It's just as much a natural part of our bodies are underarm and head hair are! But why is it such a taboo? Yes, I'll admit, shaved/trimmed pussies/dicks look better. But I don't know why there's such a taboo on genitals NOT being shaved/trimmed. let's take a look at why pubes are "needed". They protect against bacteria and other irritations. But no-and-days, they're not needed. But why are they viewed as such a disgusting and unsightly part of the human body? I agree that a shaved pussy is sexy as hell. BUT I also support women who keep some/all pubic hair. Personally, I shave everything but I have a little landing strip because I don't like the fully shaven look on MYSELF. All I'm saying is to accept everyone for who they are/what they find is sexy.

Peace and love to you all!

~ Sarah_Serenity

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I was working so hard to correct all the behaviors I’d gotten myself spanked for two weeks ago. It seemed no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get to class on time, and even though I tried to mind my own business in class the boys were always trying to flirt with me (making sure it was in front of the head master/teacher). I had been received several very stormy looks from my teacher, and I was getting more nervous by the day. I kept my mouth closed in class, but then my friends would initiate conversations with me anyway. I knew I was doomed, and it was only a matter of time before my teacher lost patients with me again. I knew he’d never listen to me if I explained how hard I’d been working on my behavior, and that it wasn’t all my fault he’d told me as much the first trip I took over his knee. Friday was right around the corner, and I promised myself I’d try with renewed effort to work even more on my behavior the following week. He’s have to notice…..wouldn’t he?
I woke up Monday morning, rolled over, looked at my alarm clock, and my eyes flew open wide in shock. Somehow I missed my alarm, or…. did maybe…shit…did I forget to set it!!? OMG! I’m done for now! This will be the last straw with Mr. Grace (my head master/teacher). I could just picture his face and stony glare when I walked into his classroom late…yet AGAIN! This would make 3 times since that awful hard spanking he gave me 2 weeks ago and the humiliation I felt when he pulled my panties down…..then that touching….mmmmmm. STOP IT! What are you thinking? I’m not supposed to get wet thinking about a spanking, nor should I have any response to his touching me! He was only doing it to humiliate me more anyway….wasn’t he??? No, it had to be for humiliation; after all he’s my teacher, and ummmm… I think at least 10 yrs. older than me. I’m 17, and he had a master’s degree in secondary education which would have taken 5 years as the least, so yes, he must be at least 10 years older than me; moreover, I’m not an adult yet (as much as I try to act like one). He couldn’t possibly have “Feelings” for me…not in “That” way at least. No, this was all about punishment, it just had to be. Hmmmmm? Enough! I have to get out of this bed and get my ass to that class as quick as possible if I had any hope of escaping a second appointment with Mr. Grace.
I arrived at school am hour late! I had to wash my hair, shower, put on my make up, and I didn’t get my clothes ready the night before. I wasn’t sure why, but I chose a special matching bra and panty set I rarely wore. I didn’t have a boyfriend, but I enjoyed wearing sexy lingerie under my clothes. It made me feel sexy even though no one ever saw, or knew about it except me. I ran down the hall dragging my backpack and purse behind dropping it getting out of my car. I made it to my classroom door took a deep breath, and entered the classroom acting as if everything was as it should be. I almost made it to my seat before I heard, “Ms. McCann, are you aware of the time?” “Yes Sir.” “Are you aware what time class starts Ms. McCann?” “Yes Sir.” “What time does class start Ms. McCann?” “8:30 am Mr. Grace Sir.” “So that makes you over an hour late?” “Yes Sir.” “Ms. McCann you may take your seat, but I will be expecting you in my office PROMPTLY after classes end today.” “Understand?” “Yes Sir Mr. Grace.” Class took forever that day, and at the same time it was going by too quickly. Mr. Grace had told me last time that if he had to discipline me again he would use his ruler in his desk, or/and take off his belt!!! I had NEVER been spanked with a belt even from my parents, and I was scared. OMG, I’m in sooooo much trouble, but yet I could feel my panties getting damp just thinking about him lecturing me, then placing me across his lap/knees, hand firmly on the small of my back holding me firmly in place. Then he’d pull up my (now regulation length) skirt, spanking me on top of my panties, and then he would pull down my panties exposing my vulnerable bare bottom to his eyes and his hands. OMG, what was I going to do with all these confusing feelings?

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Class ended, I collected my things, and started for the door. “Ms. McCann, I’ll see you shortly in my private office correct?” “Yes, Sir I’m going there straight away Sir.” “Good girl Ms. McCann.” Ohhhhh, I was fuming! Who was he to call me a “LITTLE GIRL?” I’m seventeen! I’m a young woman, and I planned to tell him so too! I waited in a corner chair outside his office for 20 minutes before he finally showed up. He’s telling me to be on time…to be PROMPT…yet he was forever making me wait. By the time he got there I was tight as a spring, and so nervous my legs felt weak when I stood to go into his office. He must have seen me unsteady because he grabbed my arm to steady me. “Are you alright now Ms. McCann?” “Ummm, ya, I mean Yes Sir.” “Feeling a bit nervous….are we Ms. McCann?” “I don’t expect you to answer Ms. McCann, I can see and feel your nervousnes it’s palpable like electric currents running through the air between us.” “Shall we go into my office?” “I’ve dismissed my secretary so it will just be the two of us today.” My stomach dropped through the floor, and my panties were wet. He must have seen something in my face because he gave a deep, rumbling sound in his chest and the back of his throat. LAUGHING AT ME! This man had the ability one minute to make me tremble in fear and excitement, and fume in rage the next. What the hell was wrong with me? I must be losing my mind.
He opened the door with his key, stepped back, and extended his arm outward towards the inner chamber of his office. I could smell the leather of the furniture when I entered, and the smell of leather always turned me on. I was still a virgin, but virgins get turned on just as much as anyone else. I was making excuses for my confused feelings again.
He walked over to his desk, pulled his desk chair back from the desk to the middle of the room, and sat down patting his lap. I walked over, and stood by his side. “Ms. McCann do you understand what’s about to happen, and why it IS going to happen?” “Yes Sir.” “Say it out loud Ms. McCann I shouldn’t have to be going through these things with you again; moreover, it has only been two weeks since you were last disciplined in my office correct?” “Yes.” “Yes what (slap on the bottom)?” “Sorry, yes Sir.” “Tell me what’s going to happen and why so I know you understand why you’re being punished Ms. McCann.” “I’m going to be spanked on my bare bottom for my behavior…being late, (his slap) talking in class, (slap) and flirting with boys.(slap, slap, slap, slap)” “That’s correct Ms. McCann, and what did I tell you if you didn’t change your behavior; therefore, requiring me to discipline you again before this school year had ended?” (slap, slap, slap) “That you were going to spank me with the ruler in your desk, and take your belt off.” (Slap, slap, slap, slap) “That’s correct Ms. McCann, (slap) so you can expect a much more severe spanking this time do you understand Ms. McCann?” (slap) “Yes Sir.” “Ok, then let’s get on with it, raise your skirt.” I raised my skirt up around my waist, and he immediately reached out pulled my panties down, and then told me to step out of them.” I was so humiliated being naked from the waist down in front of my head master/teacher, and I wondered how many other young coeds he had spanked naked as he was doing to me. He ordered me to lay across his knees with my fingertips touching the floor. This position forced my bare bottom up in the air, and right in the middle of his lap. “Spread your legs apart approximately 1 foot Ms. McCann.” I sucked in my breath loudly, and he just chuckled with that laugh that makes me so angry. “DO IT NOW!” (Slap, slap, slap, slap) I spread my legs open for him (whimpering). Now I was completely exposed to his eyes and hands. “Steady yourself Ms. McCann, and keep your position or I’ll add to your punishment understand?” “Yes Sir.” “Ready?” “Yes Sir.”

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SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, rubbing 1st one cheek then the other. He opened his desk drawer got the ruler, and set it on the desk. Then he opened another drawer, and removed a tube of something. He unscrewed the lid, and put a lot of it in his hand. I felt him part my ass cheeks, and then slip his fingers between my cheeks rubbing the slippery stuff from the tube in between my cheeks. Suddenly it began to warm up. Then he slowly slid one finger into my bottom. I squirmed on his lap and gasped at the feeling and the shock. He slapped my bottom hard with the ruler saying, “Stop squirming, and hold your position Ms. McCann!” “You will allow me to finish your punishment AS I SEE FIT, and I’M SATISFIED YOU’VE BEEN THOROUGHLY SPANKED.” UNDERSTAND? ”Yes Sir.” “Good girl.” He continued sliding his finger in and out of me for several minutes until my hips were thrusting back to meet his penetrating finger. Then he stopped, and continued my spanking with his hand and the ruler, changing them up. He made me count each slap alternating cheeks, spanking the meatiest part of my naked bottom (sit spots). I was crying and kicking my legs, and then he stopped. Again he picked up the tube with the slippery stuff in it, but not before sliding his fingers between my pussy lips, and slipping a finger inside of me. “MMMM, so wet my little pet.” “I don’t even need any lube for your pretty little hairless pink pussy.” I was so embarrassed by his words I felt my face and chest flush red. “Don’t be embarrassed my sweet little girl…my lovely pet…you’re beautiful ALL OVER.” “Do you like the way this feels?” He

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IT FEEL GOOD?” “Yes Sir.” “Good girl, now stand up.” I stood up on shaky legs reaching down for my panties. “No…no, young lady…I’m not done with you by a long shot my little pet.” He cleared his desk off, unbuckled his belt, and patted the top of the desk saying, “Bend over little girl it’s time for your bottom to taste my belt.” I bent over on shaky legs as he went around to the front of the desk. He grabbed my wrist and buckled some sort of leather around each wrist, then connected them to long straps with hooks that went through the metal rings on each wrist cuff. Then he spread my legs and did the same to each ankle. I was spread eagle naked from the waist down over his desk! I didn’t even notice the straps when I entered his office. He lifted my hips up in the air away from the desk, and slid a big fluffy pillow under my hips forcing my ass up into the air making a perfect target for his belt. “Please Sir…I promise I’ll do better….this isn’t necessary Sir.” “Oh….yeeessss, it is necessary my pet.” “It was only 2 weeks ago that I gave you your 1st spanking.” “It’s most definitely necessary little girl.” “Steady yourself, and prepare yourself for the stinging on your bare bottom from my thick leather belt young lady.” “Yes Sir.”
Whack, whack, whack, whack…touching between my legs…mmmmm it felt so good yet so painful at the same time. The situation was leaving me with such confused feelings and thoughts. Why was I enjoying being spanked, paddled, and then whipped with his belt? I understood enjoying his fingers playing with me…but the rest I just didn’t get it. He drew back from me and said, “These last 20 whacks are going to be very hard, and difficult for you but I want you to count each stroke.” “I want you to say, “One sir I’ll work on my behavior, two sir I’ll work on my behavior etc…do you understand?” “Yes Sir.” “Good girl.”

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He spanked me 20 more times leaving my ass red and marked. I was crying like a baby with my nose running, and begging for mercy. He untied me and held me in his lap until my crying subsided. “You can expect more of the same and extra next time Ms. McCann.” “I could feel you’re a virgin, but I could remedy that, and your mouth will be mine too.” I’ll have your ass over my knee, my dick in your mouth, and my dick in your wet, hot, tight, pretty, pink naked pussy.” “Now get up and I’ll help you with your panties.” He helped me with my panties, but didn’t pull them up. He sat me back on his lap and began fingering my clit until I had an orgasm. I screamed as I came, and he gave that deep chuckle in his chest again. He wiped me off with his handkerchief from his suit pocket, rubbed lotion on my red ass, and pulled my panties up patting and rubbing my bottom. “Thank you Sir.” “Now thank me for your spanking, and tell me how things will change.” “Thank you for spanking me Sir…I appreciate your diligence in helping me better my bad behavior so I can be a better student Sir.” “Sir because you have disciplined me I will be better for it.” “I will change all behavior’s that may have a negative impact on my life. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I went to Mr. Grace’s office that year.” “ Good Girl Ms. McCann you took your punishment well now you are dismissed.” “I hope I do not see you again in my office for the rest of the school year.” “Yes Sir.”
I went home, took a bath, masturbated, and I had to sleep on my stomach for 2 nights.

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I have to give a huge shout out and show mad love to Smacktalk02 and MiOTK. Smacktalk02 is an awesome person. He is one of the great ones. If anyone comes across this man, please know that he is a good and honest person.
MiOTK is a wise one. He knows where a true man's place in life is, which is over my knee, lol! I cant wait to make both these men my Micheals.

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I’m aware that there was a post by Admin about the restrictions on messaging when the system changed and others may well have posted on this topic since. However, the lack of a general search facility prevents me from finding such posts easily.

I find the new system whereby I can’t message some members to be very frustrating. My policy if ever I’m sent a friend request by someone new to the site has been to write back to them for further information. Since the change in the messaging service I’m generally unable to do that as invariably the newbie is only accepting messages from ‘friends’. Catch 22.

What was the problem that this change in the system was trying to address?

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Think of the spanking videos you have viewed over the past month. Why is it that those made in the Orient are almost always much more attractive, have prettier people, are more realistic, and are much more artistic than their counterparts made in the United States or Britain? OK, I appreciate all attempts and anyone who shares any video. And I do not want to denigrate the efforts of well meaning amateurs. But so many Brit videos are painfully contrived and woefully unrealistic. And many American ones are just plain bad, if not embarrassingly tacky. Why do people in the Orient always seem to do this better? I worked over there for years. I am well aware of their desire for perfection and the effort they put into it. But is that it? Does their culture even produce a superior quality of spanking video.

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This photo was sent to me by a guy that said he has nice green tights too! Obviously he wanted me to see the huge bulge in his tights! What he doesn't realize is the shape of his butt in these tights! I would like to know what you think should happen to this guy in this outfit? Remember how I am about spankings! If I get enough appropriate responses I will consider a return to this site. BTW he asked not to have this picture posted all over the internet!!! Please feel free to repost as much as possible!!!!

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No spanking yet oh well your loss

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ladies who love spanking naughty boys do you spank me me give me spanking of my life please let me know here or at my email or my fetlife profile MikeinOhio i love beieng spamked by female i hope get lot spankings from strict female can spank me hard even long you want

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We have posted the first video of a punishment set I gave to Bond. This multi-day set lasted 5 days and given with a multitude of implements to all his lovely pieces & parts. This first video short is 3 minutes of Day 1-3. Day 1 was just a tease to get him ready... Day 2 & 3 were more serious and include both face up & face down punishments. Days 4-5 are in a separate video and we will post next.
The total of all video was over 40 minutes so we broke up the full videos into 2 as well. The first full video is posted in our spankinglibrary and is over 17 minutes long and jammed with some quite harsh punishment action.
Thank you all and enjoy!
Lady M.

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Reflections on the fact of never (yet?!?) having been caught or called on marks in all these years:

Given all that's not been seen
By Pete my gynecologist,
He probably should go and see
Elaine my ophthalmologist.

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This is my first ever punishment spanking.

I finally met someone who can handle me
Imagine that!!! I never thought my fantasy would come true but I finally found my dominant aka (daddy).
The reason I was punished: I didnt tell daddy when I was going to leave untill ive done left. I talk back with my smart ass mouth. Needness to say Daddy showed me who is boss!!! Will that keep me from being a brat??!! No promises!!!

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How many people are getting spanked in these videos voluntarily and how many are getting paid? I've always been curious.

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I come to this site for spanking videos and photos but recently there has been a number of cock and balls photos being posted and, personally, I don't think they belong here.

I did email Marcus about it and he said he'll monitor the situation.

I just wonder what other users think.

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So.... here I am once again laying on my tummy writing this with a very sore bottom!!!! For the past 3 nights I have stayed up WAY past my bedtime..... Daddy (darkmagic) is very strict on my bed time! If I don't get my sleep I get very fussy and cranky, and end up in trouble, cuz I don't want to listen. Well since I was still up at 530am this morning when he got up for work he told me that today when he got off I would be getting 50 with the cord!!! Now I don't know if any of you have had it but it hurts ALOT! So I was instantly scared and started crying especially since last I got a big paddling and got the cane for the first time and a LONG mouth soaping. You would think after a punishment like that I would listen and go to bed on time, but I have a lot of trouble sleeping. But anyway back to my spanking lol.... So when I finally woke up today (only slept 5hours) daddy had texted me and told me he was staying home today so we could be off together, but I was still getting a spanking. So after breakfast and me trying for over an hour to wiggle my way out it. He said it was time but he lowered the count to 30 (Thank goodness lol) so I got 10 on my jammies and 30 on my bare bottom.... And then for some unknown reason he decided I needed another caning so I got 20 with the cane. so my bottom is very sore right now.... and I am definitely not going to be staying up past my bedtime (unless I have permission) any time soon!! But I guess now is the time I say thank you daddy for my spanking, and caring enough to help me get my sleep and thank you for always caring for me and keeping me safe and cheering me up when I am sad. Oh and most importantly thank your for loving me.

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This is what I imagine today someone coming to get me taking me to their place having me wait in a corner then as they sit on a couch chair telling me to come over and bend over knee give me a few then telling me to pull jeans down give me a few more then pulled panties down and getting belt used one good andharc

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