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I posted some new pics ya'll I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments and seeing your ratings btw my fiancee hasn't been spanked for over a week because I was tired last week due to long hours at work but because of that he is now in need of a pretty good butt blistering this week. Stay tuned for more pictures of the red results (maybe even blistering results)

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My reprieve was short lived
I was naughty again
This time Sir said
There would be no sex
No bribes or distractions
Just bare bottom spankings

To the corner once again
Resuming my stance
Awaiting patiently for Sir to begin
After what seemed forever
Sir called me to him

Looking at implements laid on the bed
Trying to decide if I should run instead
One look at Sir...I knew it was futile
The look in his eyes said try it I dare you

Pillows on the bed...slowly I went
Walking to my doom...climbing the bed
Sir said higher...I raised my bottom up
No warm up was given...hard hand slapping
Sounds echoing...so embarrassing

Suddenly stinging...his belt Sir was using
Heat radiating...pain overwhelming
Red like Sangria...Sir's favorite drink
I wish I was drinking...
Instead I'm mirroring...

Suddenly a whack...wood hitting flesh
Bumps will rise...bruises would appear
Screaming and crying...Sir didn't care
Indifferent to my tears...Sir persevered

A breath I'm holding
Sir said to breathe...gulping in air
Listen next time...show more respect
Unless you want the cane added to this

Finally it stopped...paddle dropped
Sobbing remained...bottom in pain
Sir said to the corner you will stay
Easing off pillows...sliding from bed
Hobbling...crying still

Finally Sir called me...wanting to hold me
Embracing me...cuddling...letting me cry
Patting my bottom...words spoken softly
Slowly caressing...bottom throbbing
Safe in his arms...I was forgiven

A Spanking Not I received before
A pardon retracted forever more
A Spanking Yes it would seem today
Sitting uncomfortably for the week
I thought to myself...I better behave
At least til next month...when Sir is away

(I wrote A Spanking Not before writing A Spanking...Yes...)

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Are there any Dom/Top/Daddies in the Amarillo/Lubbock area???

I'm not looking for a Master or an erotic spanker. What I listed above is EXACTLY what I'm after.

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Today I travel to meet an old acquaintance.I just know that by the time I reach home again I will have a very sore bottom,(note to self,this is a good thing). Its been awhile since we have met up,so I got a lot to say and a lot to receive. The worse thing is the traveling,just want to get there and make a start. Just enough time to pop in the shower before my Taxi arrives,then the plane,hate flying,so boring,get breakfast on the plane,going to work into a tantrum if they don't have what I want!!!! Short flight thank goodness.If you have read my diary,you should't have...naughty you.

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todays been a long day tween getting dave n his son off to take the son back home n then dave for a few day huntin trip, then my daughter n kids came for a visit n stayed longer than planned... then just as I was about to sit n relax ...that dreaded phone call about a family matter.. ive been sittin here on pins n needles.. wonderin if I'm gonna have to go out tonight n if so. how long ill b out this time... *sighs*... its rough.. real rough but ill do it every night if it makes a difference.. *sighs*.... *prays with crossed fingers*....

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New Video Posted! SPN1929 Bruises for Bond
This video was shot the day after the last one. In fact you can still see marks from the day before! There was One Goal for this day; Bruise Bond's Bottom! Bond needed a truly harsh, severe bruising type beating and I provided just that! I mainly used 2 new implements, a Heavy Cane & a Solid Hardwood Spanker. This Hardwood Spanker is Very heavy and it goes Deep! Bond's ass & thighs were bruised for nearly 2 weeks after this day. I gave him a little cock & ball whipping at the end. I just couldn't resist... :)
As always, hope you all enjoy Bond's Punishment.
Lady M.

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It is no secret our country is in a pickle. We need all the information we can get when it comes down to this delicate decision of selecting the best of the worst. We are likely screwed either way. Now it is just a matter of how screwed do we wanna be. That being said I have some important news to help us all make a clearer choise...

Unhappy with her recent line of questiining Mr. Trump was caught spanking Megyn Kelly on set.

Not only that! Did yall see the old photo leak of him spankin the former First Lady while on a charity cattle drive for starving vegitarians? Yeah! It happened! Here's proof!

To me the choise is clear. There is no choise. We need a President that ain't afraid to redden a rump when need be. The last thing we need is another meelie mouth in office who says what they think we all wanna hear and then just does what they wanna do in the end.

Consider yourselves informed.

You are all welcome!

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I got said expected spanking on the way to work yesterday, although strangely enough we both felt like the "energy" wasn't quite as there as it was the night before. Maybe it was because it was in the middle of the day and I kept being awkwardly reminded that we have neighbors and friends who just stop by....and well, I wouldn't want to have to explain just what the sounds of smacking actually were. lol. In any case, we have to correct that by repeating the ritual as it were.

I'm kind of glad that no one commented, because I'd almost have to share any better suggestions with my current "play partner", as it were. I told him that I posted about the interesting evening we shared, and he seemed to be kind of amused and proud. Since I asked for audience participation I almost felt obligated to check and see if anyone had a few thoughts on how to proceed. Instead, it's Halloween week, and I have to go work at a party. I got some of that glitter body spray, were going to find out if it's possible to spank the glitter off someone. ;-)~

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I have been aware of my submissive tendencies and urges to be spanked from an early age. I have always craved a strong authoritative leader. I wanted to be with a man who would hold me accountable for my misbehaviors and correct, teach and guide me with loving discipline. I have always felt odd and even guilty for having these feelings. I felt like I couldn't be an intelligent, liberated and independent woman if I had these feelings. Society at large does a good job of condemning our lifestyle. Some of our misguided critics genuinely believe that people who want to spank or be spanked are either abusive or abused. Some of us may be forgiven by them or even pitied for living this type of a lifestyle. Others are ridiculed as being depraved and psychologically damaged individuals who get their kicks out of inflicting or subjecting themselves to discipline from others. Such violent opposition can make those of us living in this lifestyle feel very isolated. I thought there was truly something wrong with me until I was in my early 20’s and discovered message boards about spanking on Prodigy. I was so shocked and relieved to see that my feelings about wanting to be spanked were actually very common. My perception of myself changed and I no longer felt weird, isolated or condemned. Corresponding with others on boards like this has helped me to voice many of my thoughts that I had locked away.

Dominance is not about being a sadist or a bully and submission is not all about being passive. It takes a great deal of self-analysis to realize that discipline is a natural progression evolving from the inter-play of masculine and feminine energies. It seems to me that men in general tend to be more natural at being disciplinarians and leaders. I wonder if we naturally think differently or if we are this way because we have been taught and conditioned to act this way. I believe it is more nature than nurture. Most men seem to have a more dominant left brain. The left brain is responsible for logic and reason so that leads me to believe that that is why many men tend to gravitate more towards taking on the role of the disciplinarian who enforces law and order. Maybe the women who prefer to be the disciplinarian have a dominant left brain too. As for me I constantly feel like my left brain is either under-developed or has merely been dominated by my right brain. I am not very good at anything mathematical beyond the basics. Instead I am ruled by my powerful feelings and emotions (a right brain trait). I also have never had a good sense of direction, which is another left brain trait. I feel lost most of the time so I look to logical, rational and authoritative men to guide me, correct me and put me on the right path.

But I digress. It has taken a lot of careful introspection to realize that our lifestyle can only bring harmony and deeper love into our relationships. Since we have embraced these wants and desires we are very much in tune with our inner selves. We are in touch with the driving force inside of us and (despite social opposition) we are confident to listen to our inner needs rather than trying to suppress them. That allows us to become liberated and exude greater confidence and freedom of expression. That is evident by the people who I have met on here. The people who I have met on this board have truly amazed me with how intelligent and enlightened they are. It is a real pleasure to be on here so I am forever grateful for this board and everyone on it.

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Our little 'Circle' is made up of a few like-minded people who have an interest in corporal punishment. As I mentioned in my previous blog we meet up whenever we can,we have had four fun weekends so far this year. We are naturally very careful who we let into the circle,usually someone has to be a friend of someone who is already involved. We have built up good friendships over the years and have a lot of fun. The circle numbers 14 members but due to work or personal constraints not everyone is able to attend for a weekend,unfortunately only once this year everyone was able to attend,but usually there is about 8. Our last get together numbered 8,made up of 5 ladies and 3 gentlemen ranging in age from 25 to 53. Some friends are spankees while some are spankers,but all of us are spankos! Wondering does anyone on here have a group of constant friends that are into spanking and spend the odd fun weekend together?

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She s pronley sleeping now wonder if i text and wake her up if she will be in a foul mood to beat the breaks off the next poor soul that sessions with her lol

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looking forward to Friday
going to get a good spanking

would anymore of you lovely ladies
like to spank me
I hope so

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At this point I just want a good bottom warming spanking. When days are this bad I long for a daddies lap to lay over and cry.

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My girl is eager to return to our lifestyle.... To be honest I had my fears... I was light because of her health issues... Like when she had 6 strokes for having my money account bounce for Facebook games she bought cyber bars to help her play instead of using her own funds... It should have been a real old fashion spanking...
She had sentences to before each stroke in effort to build her self confidence.
1. I am beautiful - stroke
2. I am a treasure - stroke
3. I am a cared for - stroke
4. I am obedient - stroke
5. I am owned - stroke
I have since changed things. Instead of one stroke after each sentence...It has begun to be possible more than one and question during the sentence about the sentence. the sentences changed to.

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Sinds my childhood I have this feeling to get punished for bad behaviour.
My parents never spanked me but still my feelings get more and more stronger to get a spanking over the knee from a girl.
Only ones I had the chance when I was with a couple of friends and we climbed on high placed windows to see girls doing gymnastics and we get seen by the gymnastic teacher and point her finger to us and told to come in.
we where brave boys and we did go inside.
When we arived inside all girls stared at us and the teacher stands there with her hands in her sides looking very strict.
We had the age of 13/14 years old and the girls to but she was older around the 24 I guess.
She gave us one by one the opportunity to join her class or to get punished.
One by one my friends take place between the girls and she stared at me.
She asked me to to join class or to get spanked for disturbing this class.
I remember she looked great in her tight gymnastic spandex but I was to embarrassed to say I prefer to lay over her knees infront of my friends.
If they wherent there is think I let myself spanked over her knees infront of all that girls in class.
Yes I know what you all think,but it wasn't a easy choice and I was young.
If i have the same choice now I not doubt any second to say that I'm sorry and refuse to take part in class and a good spanking over her knees in my bare ass will follow.
But what is it that we like to get spanked?
I always wondered this and still asking myself why it turns me on to get controlled by a girl and hope she lay me over her knees and give me a good spanking on my bare.
It turns me on to give a spanking to sinds a couple of years.
If any of you girls and boys know why please react

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With nearly two weeks without any spanking action I felt as though a little self help was needed.
Now, I know loads of you are not into 'selfies' but you know what - when it all goes tits up, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of ' self help'

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