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I wasn’t raised on kindness.

But for all the scars that left, I at least retained enough pride to get out, running away at 17.

I got thru college on a scholarship, but needed a place to go during the summer. I responded to an advertisement in the college paper recruiting students to work summers on a biblically-linked archaeological dig in Northern Israel, 5 miles South of Nazareth.

I jumped at the chance to get even further from home. I lived in a kibbutz, ate from a fire, and spent my days digging thru thousands of years of rubble. I loved the work and history, and really, really loved the dig leader, Avi.

Avi was in his early thirties, tall with brown eyes and hair. He was both muscular and tan from working outdoors and had the military-derived stance of every of-age man in Israel.

My childhood may have left a few more wires loose in my brain than I care to admit, because what I loved most about Avi was his stern demeanor. He frequently scolded me, like, “Young lady, don’t you dare lift that heavy log or I’ll turn you over it.”

His scoldings sounded like love to me. For the first time in years, someone actually cared if I was healthy and safe. I had a crush to rival Juliet.

I was bummed when Avi had to leave for a week for military reserve training. I enjoyed hanging out with the other students, but they would eventually go to bed, and I was on such a high from my relationship with Avi, I couldn’t sleep. So I went for long runs in the middle of the night.

I ran along the highway linking our site and Nazareth. It was well lit and there were always cars on the road, so it felt safe enough to me, even though I knew it was against camp rules. What I did not anticipate was stepping on a Black Adder at 3am, 5 miles from the dig. Hell, I didn’t even know what a Black Adder was.

The snake bit me right above my right ankle. I screamed in pain and jumped back falling into the road. The snake moved faster than I did and was gone before I really knew what happened.

I crawled on my hands and knees off the road and then limped the 5 miles back to camp, returning just as the sun and Avi returned.

Avi saw me on the driveway, my ankle now twice its normal size. He jumped from his car, lifted me into his arms, and ran me to the camp infirmary.

The nurse gave me antihistamines to reduce the swelling and anti-biotics to prevent secondary infections. She said I needed to stay off my leg for 5 days. Avi was convinced I needed to be seen at the local hospital, but the nurse talked him down. She said Black Adder venom was rarely deadly, and she promised to keep an eye on me in the infirmary during the day, and he could watch me at night.

My confinement ended as the Tish’a B’Av holiday began. When Avi returned to camp that night, the nurse, with the rest of our campmates, left for the weekend.

As avi entered the infirmary, I asked him if he was leaving for the weekend. "No young lady, you clearly can’t be trusted to be alone.” I was already feeling sorry for myself after 5 days in bed, and those words did me in, I rolled over in my bed and started to cry. Avi leaned over me and chided “Belle, save the tears, you are going to need them in a minute. Now, get up and go to my office.”

I was still crying when Avi joined me 5 minutes later. I wasn't scared of him. Nor was I scared to be hit, I had been hit many times before. I was distraught because I had begun to fantasize about a lifelong relationship, and I was sure I had ruined everything.

The office was nothing more than a folding chair, an old wooden desk, and boxes of digging supplies. Without speaking to me, Avi cleared off the top of the desk. He then took my upper arm firmly in hand and whispered in my ear, "Belle, turn and face the table; this will be over as quickly as you make-it, and then we can start over."

I almost choked, as my breath and hope returned. He was saying we could still be together. Like a love-struck goof, I responded almost gleefully, “OK thank you, Sir”. My tone in ironic contrast to the tears streaming down my face, and Avi hid a smile.

I turned to face the desk. Avi went to pull down the scrubs I had worn in the infirmary, but they were tied snug at the front of my waist. At first he tried to reach around me to undo the knot, but I was becoming embarrassed, and pulled away from him. So instead Avi grabbed the back of my scrubs with both hands and ripped them to my knees. He then easily pulled down my underwear.

My nerves were back in full force as I laid the weight of my upper body on the table, but for the most part I was in control; that is until I heard Avi slide his belt from its loops. That sound sparked a shudder of fear in my spine and I shot up. Avi seemed to anticipate the fight. He pinned my hands behind my back, held me down to the table, and delivered the first strike.

My entire body revolted at the sting but instead of yelling out, I squeezed tight in every way possible - my eyes, my mouth, my legs; I held everything in and remained drawn tight as stripes two and three decorated my skin. After four, Avi shook me gently saying "breath young lady”.

It took me a moment, but I did, and Avi resumed the whipping. I ran in place with my legs as the sting grew with each subsequent lick. I made ridiculous promises about being safe I couldn’t keep with an army, and I desperately squirmed my bottom trying to deflect the belt from my most tender of spots, just above my legs.

Perhaps three dozens in, my fight failed, I laid my head on the table and begged "please Avi, I’m so sorry. I know I wasn’t suppose to go out alone.”

Avi replied, “good girl” but the spanking did not stop, just the whipping. He put down the belt, grabbed me tightly by my waist, leaned forward, and throttled me with his bare hand over and over without pause until I threw my head back wailing in pain and tried to crawl thru the table.

The spanking continued until I was a spent, subdued, and crying like a little girl. And it felt like love.

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Mt friends, Matt here to ask for help.

Recently, the desire for discipline had increased in me. Maybe is the stress, maybe im just feeling more naughty; the fact is that I'm increasingly needed to be punished by my dear girlfriend, Mydar.
The question is: what are the simplest dynamics of domestic discipline that I can introduce into our relationship?

Maybe something related do spanking and teach me, cause I will remember one thing FOREVER if I'm spanked for doing it (or not having done).

So i ask, do you have some advice or suggestion for me? Help another submissive man, brothers!

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Today is my birthday, sure would like to meet a lady that lives in the Greater Kansas City area to share it with. I am not overweight and I am pretty easy on the eyes, looking for the same for fun times like Go-Kart racing, eat at a nice restaurant, watch a movie. If we like each other, would love to have a spanking good time. Come on, someone give me something to blog about.

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One sketch Master dreams will come true one day.

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The two couples ordered their drinks and were pondering over menu options, but there was little conversation, by way of the ladies. Tempest sat tight lipped, and Janie's eyes darted nervously, around the table.

“What are you in the mood for, Tempest?” Dylan asked, smiling. “Doesn't she look beautiful tonight? Did you see her new jewelry?
She looks regal, like my Queen.” He was trying to draw her into the conversation.

Janie said, “Oh yes, they're really pretty. You're a lucky girl, Tempest. My cousin is a real catch.”
Janie was trying to offset her earlier comments, but it wasn't working.

“You both look stunning tonight”, Evan added.

“Thank you”, Tempest said quietly. She wasn't making eye contact and Dylan was getting annoyed at her rudeness.

Dylan whispered in her ear. “Remember, I told you what would happen, if you didn't behave, you straighten up and use your manners, or you'll be sorry. This is your only warning.”

Tempest did straighten up in her chair. “Thank you, Evan and Janie, it was a generous gift.” But the conversation really never got started. It was an awkward dinner service. Dylan regretted getting them together. He, by now, had worked out what had happened. He looked at Janie, with that “what did you do” look. Janie hung her head and his fears were confirmed.

“Janie did you have a nice talk with Tempest, on the way down?” It sure changed the mood, didn't it?” Dylan questioned. “Why don't you tell Evan about it, because I'm pretty sure, I know what it was about. You really don't know anything about that night, isn't that true? Certainly nothing about me… Isn't that right Janie?”

Evan was wide eyed now. “Not this again!
Honestly, Janie, it never ends with you. Answer him!”

“No, I don't know, but I can imagine… have imagined so many things. You don't know how that feels…. Either one of you!”

“Janie, I thought you said, he was with someone else, like you knew it to be true!” Tempest replied, tears streaming down her face.
“He was! They just don't want to admit it now, that I've kicked up such a fuss. “ Janie spat.

“You don't know what you're talking about, Janie! Look how you've upset her. Are you happy now?” Dylan was furious. “If Evan doesn't whip your ass, I will!”

“Who do you think you are, Dylan?! Don't you dare lay a finger on me!” Janie’s fury was a match for Dylan’s, but Janie didn't realize Dylan could spank her, if he felt it was necessary, as a full Lodge member of the upper echelon. Things were not as they were.

Tempest had enough of it all. “I don't know what is wrong with any of you. I'm sick of it. Dylan,You and your collar and all those spankings, Janie and your stories, when you don't even know anything, and Evan, you are no better than they are! All eyes in the restaurant were on them, as Tempest left the table, running for her mother's office. Dylan was on his feet, in a flash and right on her heels. He couldn't let her disrespect him publicly.

Evan looked at Janie. “Maybe your father is right. Maybe you aren't ready for a husband. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. Your punishment will be as bad as hers. You had better behave, while I see what damage you've caused.” He nodded at the waiter and signed the check. He grabbed Janie's arm and went after Dylan.

Janie cried, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I am ready, Evan I am!”

Tempest had hurried, but it was Friday night and the house was packed. The entertainment hall was a sea of people. There were several performers, and several available stages, for volunteers from the audience. Dylan caught her halfway through the room. He guided her to Raven's office. He knocked and Raven admitted then with a buzzer.

“Tempest! What are you doing here?!” She asked.

“Oh, Mommy. I can't take it all. I'm all black and blue. Janie told me Dylan cheated. I just want to come home!”

Raven gave her a hug and said, “Sit down, I want to talk to you. I've told you already, you are committed. You shouldn't listen to gossip. I already told you there was nothing unacceptable going on. Men have different needs than women. He hasn't even put a ring on your finger yet. He doesn't owe you an explanation. I told you, when you wanted this match, that it would not be easy. So, here's the hard part. Do you think you are the only one with a bruised bottom? Raven pulled up her dress, revealing the healing bruises, remaining from David's wrath. Do you think Janie or Erin, don't have bottoms like yours? Now, you're in trouble again. I can't save you from yourself. APOLOGIZE, NOW! TELL HIM YOU'LL ACCEPT YOUR PUNISHMENT AND STOP THIS OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR!”

Tempest, was still bawling, but she knew she had no choice. “I'm sorry Dylan. I'll accept my punishment, and I'll behave myself.”

“You know what the punishment is, don't you, Tempest?”

“Oh no, Dylan…. Please.”

Janie and Evan arrived, and were admitted to the office. They stood, trying to figure out what was happening.

“What did I say?!” Dylan asked.

“You said you'd whip my ass, in front of the
club.” Tempest said, crying.

“Do I mean what I say?” Dylan demanded.

“Yes, Sir.” She whined.

“You'll have company, Tempest. Janie will be right next to you! She started all of this!” Evan stated, sharply.

“No, Evan, I didn't mean it. Take me home.”, Janie trying to get out if it.

“Not on your life, but call your Daddy, if you want. He'll be happy to attend, I'm sure. Maybe, he'll add his own punishment, and you know it! He wants me to be harder on you. He's going to get his wish!”

“Raven, send someone up to my room, for the belt, out of my shower, and reserve that stage.
Consider it a warm up act.”

“Sit here, both of you until you are called. No talking. Raven, will you be so kind as to supervise?”

“Yes, yes of course.”

“I want their asses bare, and leave Tempest's plug in.“ Dylan said

“Janie is going to need a plug. She's getting, whatever Tempest gets.” Evan added.

Janie was scared now. Why did she do it?! She always let her mouth, get in front of her brain. She couldn't call Daddy. It would only get worse. He'd already punished her for this very thing, when he heard about this, and he would, she'd be in even hotter water. She cried, thinking of what she'd done in one thoughtless moment. She deserved it, but poor Temple! Janie was miserable… Bare bottomed on the stage, with a plug in her bum! Painful and humiliating!! She'd only ever had a finger in her bum, but this was dreadful. She squeezed Tempest's hand and mouthed the word “sorry.” Tempest nodded and squeezed back. They were in this together….

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They started the shower with slow kisses, as the water warmed them. Tempest felt the sting of the water, as her bottom made contact with the hot spray. Dylan's hands were all over her though, and soon she forgot the pain. He cleaned her thoroughly, and sat her on the shower bench, spreading her legs. He adjusted the shower to pulse, directing the shower head at her breasts. The cool marble seat felt good against her sore skin, but sitting was not easy. He put her feet up on the bench close to her hips, opening her up to him. He pulled her forward, as he sank to his knees, His finger unfolded the petals of her labia. He let his digit explore the entrance to her vagina, being careful not to intrude any farther. His tongue found her cliterous, as another finger penetrated her bottom. Dylan sucked and nibbled at her clit, until it was very hard. Then his tongue stoked the embers to flame, and she came, juices flowing and squirting. Dylan was thrilled and Tempest reached her peak, with her satisfaction echoing off the walls of the shower.

Dylan stood, his cock rigid with anticipation. Tempest was an enthusiastic student. Her lips locked on, and she sucked, and tongued him, hand massaging his balls, then milking his shaft. With her hair in Dylan's hand, she began sliding his big cock in and out of her mouth. He didn't try to last, he shot her mouth full of cum. She choked a little but, recovered and swallowed at least part of his load. Leaving the water to wash​ away the rest.

Tempest was doing better with her lessons and Dylan left the shower feeling good. Although satisfied, she was tired of all the lessons and spankings. Her bottom throbbed from sitting, even for those few minutes. She had no idea, how she'd sit for dinner. She tried to concentrate on dressing. She was almost done with her hair, when Dylan came into the bathroom. He had a plug and lubricant. Seriously? She was so over the whole thing!!

“Bend over and put it in, Tempest.” He handed it to her. She wanted to fight, but she didn't want the belt. so she did as she was told, thankful it was the smaller one, that didn't light up. She had no trouble getting it in, this time. This plug wasn't as uncomfortable, as the bigger ones. Her hair and makeup were done to perfection and she just needed to put her clothes on. Dylan had kept her naked, all day, except for that humiliating trip to the lounge. It was a relief to put something on. She was a little on edge, after the long exhausting day. He hadn't even asked her, if she wanted to go to dinner. He TOLD her, they were going. The more she played things over in her mind, the more she was feeling a certain kind of way, about it all. She knew, she'd have to talk to him about it, at some point, but didn't want any more trouble, tonight.

She put on a pretty black dress. It was a little slinky, off of the shoulders and tight fitting. It hugged all her curves. She wore her necklace, which was a little annoying but, at least she could show it off to Janie. She had the sides of her hair pulled up, in small French braids, and he smiled when he saw her. She was beautiful. He pulled out another jewelry box and presented it to her. Inside were heart shaped ruby earnings, caged and suspended on tiny white gold chains. She loved them. To Dylan,they were also a symbol of his hold on her heart.

“Oh, Dylan thank you. These complete my outfit.” It did make her feel, like he realized how hard it was on her and she loved him for it. She hugged and kissed him. Dylan finished dressing and he was so handsome!! She did like being on his arm.

“Let's go, It's almost 6:30 now, and I reserved a table.” As they left the room, they met Janie and Evan, in the hall. They proceeded together. The girls, immediately, falling, easily into conversation, while the men walked ahead.

Janie asked Tempest about her punishment. After all, Tempest had been at the table, when Janie had been paddled, in front of everyone. It kind of made talking about it easier. Tempest started to whisper how harsh Dylan was, even though she loved him. Janie had never seen that side of him and she thought she knew him very well. Janie thought Tempest had every right to feel upset. Of course, truth be told, Janie wasn't over her problems with Evan, even now.

“How did you feel about Dylan going to be with another girl, for their big “boys night out”? Janie asked.

“Well, my mother said it was more like a stag party...I don't think he was “with” anyone.”, Tempest said, but she knew there was more to the story.

“That's not what was going on, Tempest. They were there to learn love making techniques, so someones not telling the truth. Did you ask Dylan?”

“He shut me right down, and punished me for questioning him.” now Tempest was really feeling upset. Even her mother was in on this deception. It wasn't right. But they were in the restaurant now. She couldn't ask any more questions. She felt the necklace around her neck, feeling tighter, more restrictive… He was seeing other girls and she had to wear this pretty collar, like a dog!! What a jerk!

Janie regretted telling Temoest. She should have kept her big mouth shut. She was visably upset, now and what purpose did it serve? What was done was done, it was their tradition. Janie couldn't say more, without alerting Evan that she still harbored bad feelings and that she had upset Tempest. She had tried to let it go, but it still hurt and now, she had spread her own misery, to Tempest. At least she had someone who knew how she felt, Janie thought. That's why I did it, I guess. I didn't want to feel alone.

Dylan and Evan discussed the training schedule for their future wives. Oddly, Dylan, though younger, had made considerably more progress with Tempest, than Evan had with Janie. He felt like he really needed to take control, while David was not there to interfere. He planned to be very strict. The girls were hoping for a fun, romantic evening. The boys were planning to put them through their paces. Their plans were really at odds with each other and trouble was brewing.

They arrived at the table, the boys in good spirits, having enjoyed their​ talk about the plan for the evening. The girls were not nearly as happy. The boys did not know that the climate had changed so quickly. It was very hostile. They had no clue that they we're not all on the same page.

The guys were looking forward to some shared training time. They'd decided on a plan of sorts, teaching obedience and service. It was part of the training that was required. It might be a bit of fetch and carry, maybe a leash.

The girls were already in rebellion, only masked by the manners of politeness. The fetch and leash were probably the last thing that Tempest needed to hear, tonight. The collar had become very uncomfortable after hearing Janie's startling news. It would take only a wrong word, to set her off. Janie was calmer about her own feelings but anxious that she had set in motion a train, that was careening down the rails. There would be a collision. It was coming, and she had tied herself, to the tracks.

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I finally got my first spanking! I put on a cooking apron but left my bottom bare. When my husband came home from work I led him over to the couch and flopped over his knee. He took the hint and we both loved it!

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I was doing some research, and I wonder what you guys think defines a real spanko? because I look at a lot of different things down to the number of videos they if i see one spanko has watched 2000 videos and another has watched 15,000 lol it kind of shows more interest to me, but thats just one example. do you guys have any examples or opinions on this question? just curious. like with me, I dont get into role play, i guess some people find that fun, or maybe they do it, just to make money....because a lot of spankos here are just here to make a buck, and I'm not judging anyone, but the DD lifestyle to me has to be real, I cant stand fake anything! fake spankings, fake crying, its just an overkill to me, and being a spanko over 25 years, I can spot a phony right away.

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For ayon who is interested - I got my spanking yesterday - and some photos are up.

Not especially severe, but it was an excellent time of Stress Relief - with a delightful young lady, who was a pleasure to be Spanked by!...

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Taking requests for self spanking photos! and possibly videos! tell me what you want to see!

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I have read some of the comments that my friend male_4_strictF has made. Men should really listen to him. He knows what he is talking about. Just read the comment that he left on my "Damn Why" video. I need to marry this guy or be his personal disciplinarian.

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Every one enjoys a birthday spanking .....

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I have been stressed so bad lately with work n well life in general I suppose... ive not felt myself in quite some time... the only times I'm truly content n happy is when I have my family around me... pullin up in my van n havin it immediately surrounded by my lil people "grandchildren"... steppin out n laughin as they push to try to be the first to hug n kiss me... lil arms reachin to be picked up... lil hands slippin into mine or graspin a piece of my clothein as I walk n they hold onto me... seein the smiles of my grown children as I get closer... finanlly takin a seat n havin the lil ones all wantin to be on my lap .. its the best feelin in the world....but like I said.. works been terrible lately n then theres stress with dave n I ( like always lol)... tomorrow we make the 8 hr ride to pick up daves son n will have him until Mon.. then another 4 hr ride to return him home... I had every intention of comin home today, makin dinner, doin some cleanin n tellin dave I NEED a spankin.......a total stress reliever... but I came home to find him not feelin well.. hes sleepin now in his chair but his breathin is not good at all.. ive asked if I should call his dr or take him to the hospital but he says no spankin for me tonight n probably not all weekend... ill have to keep a close eye on him to make sure hes ok...........

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Last Sunday night Jen and I returned from our Circle meeting to be met by the sight of my niece and four of her girlfriends playing volley ball in the hallway of my home. They had got a rope from the garden and strung one end of it from a hook on the wall,the other end was attached to my Grandfather clock.I am afraid that both Jen and I hit the roof. The clock is 108 years old and it was passed down to me by my Grandmother,who passed away in my second year in the convent.My parents fearing that I would then have donated the clock to the church kept the clock and when I came out of the convent was told that my Grandmother had always wanted me to have the clock.As a child I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother,whom I called Nana Kit;I would just sit and listen to the solid Tick Tock sound the clock made,there was always something comforting for me in just sitting next to the clock and reading. Nana Kit had got the clock in 1928 on the day she married my Grandfather;the clock was a wedding gift,although a very expensive wedding gift back then,from her mother. Nana Kit would always tell me stories while we sat around the clock,stories of her childhood,of her Dad who had died in the Great War and how her mother had raised 6 children single handed,not an easy thing to do back then.

So when I saw this rope tied to my clock and my niece and her four friends jumping around the hallway,in various states of undress I might add,I became quite angry. The situation became worse when Jen untied the rope from the clock and told me that the clock had stopped ticking. My niece and her friends all began to talk but I told them to shut up and I listened to the clock,there was no sound.I told my niece and her friends to wait in the living room,I needed sometime to calm down. Jen and I hugged,I started to cry but Jen assured me that we would get the clock fixed. I went into the living room and told my nieces friends to go home.They assured me that they would pay for any damage. When her friends had gone my niece and I had a good chat,she was left in no doubt that this behaviour was completely unacceptable and that she too would be paying to fix the clock.

On Monday Jen managed to get hold of man who fixes clocks and watches. He arrived at my house later in the afternoon,having got lost trying to find my house. He had a good look at the clock and much to my relief he said he could fix it. In about 10 minutes my heart missed a beat when I heard the solid Tick Tock again.I asked how much I owed him,he said 150 euro.I gave him the money and a freshly baked Victoria Sponge cake for his wife. I was so happy. Jen and I discussed how to punish my niece and her friends;they would cough up 150euro in no time.We thus decided on a plan of action that has seen me been able to take things easy the past few days,for Jen and I told my niece and her friends that to fix the clock costed 1,000euro and that they would have to work off that payment on the farm;and so that is what they have been doing,painting a winter barn I have for my cows,painting some fencing and cleaning up the farm yard. Jen and I have decided this is the best way to teach them a lesson ,although I must confess I was about to apply for a gun licence,lol. Jen's Dad popped by today and asked how I got these girls to help on the farm,when they are usually seen hanging around the village. I told him what had happened and he thought is was a great idea to get them back,LOL. He has been sworn to silence.In the meantime my niece and her friends have to do some hedge cutting tomorrow.

Have a good evening my friends. Jen and I are about to get up to no good in my study.

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Yesterday I messed up...I was very disrespectful to my man...oops!! He said I was going to get spanked and lines (again...) Plus he was going to soap my mouth (gross...) So I decided to drink one of those energy drinks with alcohol in it. My husband bought me that a long time ago but I never drank it...I did last night so oops again!! When he got home he noticed I was tipsy...yep!! I am a light weight when drinking alcohol and he was not happy!! He made me write a 400 word essay and poured me a glass of bourbon...yucky!! I hate that!! I refused to drink it so he turned me around bared my ass and used a metal spoon with holes in it!! That hurt so freakin bad!! After that I happily said I would drink it (ya right!!)...I sat back down at the table and started writing that essay and drinking tiny sips of that dark gross liquor!! Well my husband had tools in a black tool bag there...on the table...from fixing stuff earlier. When he walked away I quickly dumped all of that drink in his bag of tools!! I told him I chugged it...he said good because you have to drink one more (what?!?) not fair because I can't dump this one too. I ended up drinking that and feeling queasy and writing my essay. I was so buzzed that I could barely see to write!! My husband came over to check it and saw liqid coming from under his tool bag. I was thinking oh shit!! He got so mad and brought me another glass and made me chugg it in front of him!! I do feel bad about his tools today...but last night when I did it I was secretly high fiving myself hee hee!! Finally he let me stop writing because it made no sense and words were written over words...I mean I was totally waisted I have to write that essay today. Next part was my spanking. He hit me so hard with his paddle...I screamed. Next my man used his belt...again the hardest he has so far!! I hurt but today I am barely sore. I am just thankful he decided not to put soap in my mouth because I know I would have been sick after all that gross alcohol...eewwww!!

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Every person has the right to take their own life , but no person has the right to take your life .